Arvid Nordquist Giusto

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After consuming all the gourmet coffees I had in my cabinet (most of which were presented to me by friends), I decided to spend the rest of this year by checking out more affordable blends you can find in any supermarket. The first one is Giusto from @arvidnordquistkaffe, the big Swedish coffee company. A blend of 100% Arabicas from Indonesia, Central America, and Eastern Africa, Giusto is a very dark roasted, full bodied, powerful espresso style blend, with a delicious taste of dark, bitter chocolate. Maybe there's even a hint of liquorice, which makes you think of Reko from the same company. Overall, the taste is not very complex, but rather simple, almost monochromatic. However, this is by no means a negative thing. On the contrary, you have the feeling you get exactly what you expect. If you need a delicious, dark, no-nonsense espresso with a good price, Giusto is your choice. #giusto #arvidnordquist #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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