Arvid Nordquist Reko

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A friend brought me a pack of Reko, the popular dark roasted Arabica blend from Arvid Nordquist, the big Swedish coffee company. I've had it many times over the years, and liked it every time. This time I decided to try it in both my French press, and my trusty Bialetti Moka. The FP does bring out some of the characteristics of this blend – the nuttiness, the liquorice. However, as expected, the end product is a bit bland. It is in the Bialetti that Reko really shines: it's all about dark, nutty, spicy goodness, with a delicious hint of liquorice, not unlike the one in Moak Gusto Bar. Very tasty! Next time I'll have to get this in beans. #arvidnordquistreko #arvidnordquist #bialettimoka #Frenchpress #coffeereviews

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