Bellarom Java Sumatra

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Today's morning coffee comes courtesy of my friend @juices_juices : Bellarom Java Sumatra, from Lidl, the big German supermarket chain. This seems to belong to their line of high(er) end coffees. 100% Arabica, roasted so dark the bag aroma is almost sweet ("Strength No. 5"). They say it's "[r]ich and intense with a dark, chocolatey flavour." Brewed in the French press, you pretty much get what you would expect from a basic straight, dark roasted Arabica. It is dark OK, but not necessarily what the espresso man would call "rich and intense." Maybe a bit "hollow," if you will. But then, made in the Bialetti Moka, the chocolate starts to come through, which is nice. The intensity is obviously higher, too. In my opinion, though, the richness is not quite there. All in all, you might picture this as a budget version of Starbucks Verona, without the "Starbucks note." It is not gourmet coffee, nor is it trying to be, but a nice everyday blend that gets you started in the morning. Thanks man! #lidl #Bellarom #javasumatra #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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