Black Rifle Coffee Company AK Espresso

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AK Espresso from @blackriflecoffee. The bag description says: “A blend of light roasted Colombian and dark roasted Brazilian coffee, creating an indestructible, balanced espresso.“ The second you open the bag, you know it: This means business. You get a familiar aroma of medium roasted 100% Arabica—which this is—, but stronger, more muscular than what you would expect. The beans are of high quality, and have an oily feel to them, not unlike some other American blended coffees, but not nearly as buttery as some Starbucks products. I could be wrong, but judging by the looks, there seems to be around 60% Colombian and 40% Brazilian (?). Brewed in my Bialetti, this might not be the most full bodied blend out there, yet it is very potent. It's by no means harsh, yet it has this "hard" edge to it. Just like they say: indestructible and balanced. Very appropriately named, too. Now, I haven't shot an AK, but this does remind me of the classic 7.62 RK62 we used to use in the military. Fantastic, fantastic. Lastly, there is something absolutely delicious in the finish, that I cannot put my finger on. It's kind of metallic, but at the same time reminds me of baking spices. Very subtle, very unique, and just awesome. I hope I could have this every day. Thank you so much @vanessarasanenauthor for hooking me up with BRCC! #blackriflecoffeecompany #akespresso #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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