Black Rifle Coffee Company Fit Fuel

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Fit Fuel, a 75% Arabica/25% Robusta blend from @blackriflecoffee. They call it Medium Roast, but also state: "Roasted rich and bold to kick-start your fitness." To me, the latter description seems more accurate. The beans are pretty dark and oily, and as such, remind me of some overpriced blends from another American coffee company. But that's where the similarities end. The FF bag aroma is just amazing: Some sharpness from the dark roasted arabica, but then the earthy robusta goodness, too, which the other company never has. Also, you get the same wonderful side note that AK Espresso had: hard metal and baking spices. In the cup, a spicy floral note (hyacinth?), along with a feel of sweet-meal biscuits is added to the bouquet. Oh boy, this is amazing already. The taste itself is so multidimensional that it's almost impossible to describe. In my coffee drinking "career," I've never experienced anything like this. It's rich and bold, as they say, it's hard and masculine, it's spicy and strong, and yet it's so delicate and sophisticated. This, ladies and gentlemen, is truly a winner. Fit Fuel goes straight to the top of the list of all coffees I've had the pleasure of enjoying. #blackriflecoffeecompany #fitfuel #thebestcoffeeever #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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