Black Rifle Coffee Company Silencer Smooth

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Silencer Smooth from @blackriflecoffee. They say: "100% Colombian coffee roasted to a smooth, light flavor. Our lightest roast." Just like with its big brother, AK Espresso, when you open the bag, you know it: there is no messing around with this bad boy. The beans are surprisingly dark for a light roast, but make no mistake, the presentation is excellent. The bag aroma is smokey, spicy, nutty and slightly sweet, in that order. This is exactly what you get in the final product, too. Oh wow. This is a bold and powerful blend, yet—as the name would suggest—oh so smooth. You could enjoy this any time of the day. I've never been the biggest fan of light roasted coffee, but if this is what light roast is about, count me in! SS is hands down one of the best all day blends I've ever had. #blackriflecoffeecompany #silencersmooth #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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