Cafetoria Amigo

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OK, let's try this. Cafetoria Amigo is a "sweet & rich espresso blend," made from Honduras/Ethiopia/Papua NG beans. The pouch aroma itself is almost intoxicating. Just as promised, it is "intensively sweet," with "notes of rich dark chocolate and purple grapes"—plums even, I would add. I've had Amigo several times before at a local coffee shop, and it's been OK, if a bit too acidic for my taste. However—surprise!—brewed in my Moka it is even better. Yes, the edge is still there, but the overall taste is slightly fuller. Also, the finish is sweeter than expected: delicious, dark fruity goodness, that seems to linger for ages! Admittedly, there are times that I think I wouldn't mind some Robusta (20%?) added to this, but Amigo certainly is a fine blend for the true espresso connoisseur. Recommended! #cafetoriaroastery #cafetoriaamigo #cafetoria #fairtradecoffee #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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