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Brightening up one of the darker days of my life: Caramelo from @cafetoriaroastery. They call it a "[d]elicious & rounded espresso blend. Tropical fruits. Milk Chocolate. Like a great dessert!" As always with Cafetoria bag descriptions, this is spot on. The bag aroma is very sweet and rich, not unlike El Molino from Kaffa, which I reviewed a while ago. Here, however, all the goodness you get in the aroma is translated into the actual taste, too. This is one of the things Cafetoria does better than many other roasteries, and one of the reasons why I love them so much. You get exactly what you expect. A blend of Latin American Arabicas (100%), Caramelo has a lot going on: Bright, fruity sweetness, without being particularly citrusy. Definitely vanilla. And yes, milk chocolate, too. But make no mistake, this is not only a dessert blend. It's coffee-y (is that a word?) and robust enough to enjoy any time of the day. If you want an espresso of an exceptional quality, look no further. Caramelo will easily take its place on my list of top 10 coffees of 2018. Fantastic stuff. #cafetoriaroastery #cafetoria #caramelo #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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