Cafetoria Malawi

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Malawi Single Origin Espresso from @cafetoriaroastery. This is the first time I beg to disagree a little with a Cafetoria pouch description. They say: "Mature red berries & chocolate tones, delicate citrus aftertaste." Now, all of that is there for sure, but for me the citrusy piquancy dominates the whole experience from start to finish. Mind you, this is actually pretty pleasant, even for a guy like me, who doesn't necessarily prefer acidity in a coffee. The berry & chocolate thing takes the back seat, though, even to the point where these flavors are mostly detectable in the finish—which is very nice, BTW. All in all, I personally would probably like this even more if the acidity stayed more in the background. However, this is most definitely a high quality 100% Arabica, just as you would expect from this particular roastery. Recommended! #cafetoriaroastery #cafetoria #MalawiSingleOriginEspresso #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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