Coffee Island Traditional Blend

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My friend, a coffee connoisseur, recently made a trip to Greece, and bought this, Coffee Island Traditional Blend. After tasting it, he figured he couldn't stand more than one cup, so I got the rest of the bag. Oh wow. This must be the funkiest bag aroma in the world of coffee. I was instantly reminded of how it smelled in the staircase of the old library of my home village when I was 5 years old. An ancient wooden house with tons of old books. Musty, damp, gross, even. The presentation of the beans is quite beautiful, though. These are light-medium roasted arabica/robusta beans (they don't mention the proportion), that are very dry and uniform, not unlike some Italian blends I like. The taste itself—after putting this thru my Bialetti Moka—is actually quite nice. Flavorful, but not too heavy. Packs a punch, but is not rough around the edges. Maybe nothing to write home about, just a good, South European, dryish, masculine robusta-forward flavor that you can enjoy all day. Quite pleasant! #coffeeisland #traditionalblend #artisanroasted #greekcoffee #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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