Espresso House Organic Brew

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Something from the Western neighbor: Organic Brew from @espressohouse, the Swedish coffee shop chain. The second you insert your nostrils into the bag, you go "Medium roasted Colombian!“—which this is. But here, the familiar sweet nuttiness is accompanied, if not overpowered by a certain piquancy. Citrus? No, wait… marzipan! The aroma is sweet and delicious, but also makes you anticipate a healthy dose of acidity in the actual taste. They say (in my translation): "A well-balanced and sweet coffee with tones of stone fruit, caramel, and sweet citrus." I don't know what stone fruit tastes like, but otherwise the description sounds pretty accurate. Organic Brew may not knock my socks off, but it is definitely a fine product in its own right. If you like a good, well-balanced, basic straight Colombian, with some citrusy acidity, this might be a blend to check out. #espressohouse #organicbrew #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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