Jockey (Жокей) Klassichesky

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I'm celebrating Father's day with a great gift I received from my brother in Russia: Klassichesky from Жокей (Jockey). This is a blend of Arabicas from Brazil, Mexico, Uganda and India, roasted "Medium dark brown," as the company website tells us. As the name would suggest, they classify the blend as "the real 'all-time Classic'". The presentation is excellent: beautifully ground, with a marzipan-like bag aroma. The aroma in the cup, too, is amazing: very much a straight Arabica smell, but with an indescribable something… cream and sugar, with a floral spiciness? Sounds like a funny combination, perhaps, but it's just mouth watering. The taste itself is no less delicious: a naturally sweet, medium arabica that is full-bodied and powerful enough to satisfy the espresso man, but with a smoothness that is almost unparalleled. This is the first time I have Russian coffee, and I'm already hooked. Thank you so much, brother Roman and Co! #Жокей #Классический #Jockey #coffeejockey #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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