Jockey (Жокей) Traditsyonny

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Today it's time for some "Traditsyonny" from Жокей (Jockey), the Russian coffee company. This is a "traditional" blend of Arabica and robusta beans from Brazil, Uganda and India. As with "Klassichesky" from the same company, here, too, the roast is "Medium dark brown," and the presentation is equally great. The grind is fine and beautiful, and you are greeted with the familiar, earthy aroma from the robusta. The cup aroma is just fantastic: nuts and almonds, vanilla, earth, and a hint of that floral piquancy that Klassichesky had. The actual taste is all about the combination of Arabica and Robusta! Here you have the PERFECT marriage of these two players. In most other cases, one (usually the A-type) dominates the other. Not here. Here, A. and R. are equal, and live together in peace, with a good, mutual understanding and respect, and yet their individual qualities and tasks are different from each other. And that's exactly why they fit together so well. In Traditsyonny, this classic marriage is a lot happier than in most cases. Just beautiful. The coffee artisans at Jockey really know their stuff. Thanks again, brother Roman, for letting me try this! #Жокей #Традиционный #Jockey #coffeejockey #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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