Paulig Café Barcelona

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Finnish grocery store coffees, episode 3: Café Barcelona from Paulig. The bag description only states that this is a "strong coffee blend full of taste." According to the company website there are coffees from Latin American countries, such as Colombia, plus Indian Robusta. This is the third blend in Paulig's series of coffees named after a city. Sydney was roasted medium light, at level 2 (out of 5), New York was medium at 3, and this is dark at 4. Other than the difference in the roast, the bag note promises the same exact flavor profile. Piquant, and slightly sweet. In the cup, however, a hint of wood and pine needles is added to the aroma. That must be the Robusta. The taste is pretty well balanced, with the big R coming thru enough to satisfy the coffee man. Also, the abrasive acidity characteristic of so many Paulig (and other Finnish) blends stays in the background, almost unnoticeable. Wow, I might even like this! Further along the way, you get a dark chocolatey side note, too. This is not gourmet coffee, nor is it attempting to be, but a perfectly pleasant every day blend—the first Paulig blend I could think of buying again. Well done! #paulig #cafebarcelona #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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