Paulig Café Sydney

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Out of curiosity, and also due to financial reasons, I decided to try to cope the rest of the year with coffees you can find in any supermarket. So here goes, Finnish grocery store coffees, part 1: Café Sydney from Paulig, the biggest coffee company in Finland. As the name would suggest, this is an "Aussie Style Roast," a "light roast 2" (out of 5) on the Scandinavian scale, maybe medium on the Italian one. They don't say what's in it, but they call it "fruity and honey-sweet," with a "pleasant acidity." Opening the bag, you are indeed greeted with a light and sweet, marzipan-like aroma, which is nice, but also tells you this is going to be pretty acidic. It actually tastes OK, too, at least for a regular Finnish coffee blend. It is very light and acidic all right, but there really is that nice hint of honey-like sweetness, albeit only in the background. Now, I don't have any experience with Australian coffee, but for me this seems to be created with the Finnish consumer in mind. There's nothing wrong with the blend, but nothing particularly memorable in it, either. I'll be happy to finish the bag and move on. #paulig #cafesydney #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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