Pelican Rouge Rich Blend

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Another one I got for Christmas: Pelican Rouge Rich Blend from @pelicanrougefinland. This is a dark roasted straight Arabica that the company describes as full-bodied and dark chocolatey. And yes, the bag aroma does promise exactly that. In this sense, this seems to be very similar to many Scandinavian dark roast blends: pretty smoky, with a hint of slightly sweet dark chocolate. Tastewise, however, the overall feel is surprisingly light and high pitched, with the lower midrange and bass almost absent. The chocolate, too, could rather be described as milk chocolate. All of this is actually very nice, especially for someone like myself who doesn't care so much for overly dark roasted coffee. It is dark, yes, but more sophisticated than your regular Scandinavian grocery store coffee. Also, this baby works better in the French press than many of its peers, with the end product being more uniform, if that makes sense. Of course, I liked it even more when I brewed it in my Moka. While the overall experience might not knock your socks off, this is definitely something I could enjoy regularly. Next I gotta get this in beans! #PelicanRouge #richblend #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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