Roast Coffee Rante Karua

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Rante Karua Dark Roast from @roastcom Copenhagen. As in the previous one of their offerings I tried, here, too, the "dark roast" is actually pretty light, or, on the Scandinavian scale, medium at most. Excellent. The bag note is full, but slightly bitter. Creosote? It sounds horrible perhaps, but is actually very pleasant. In the brewed product this bitter aroma meets with a slight sweetness, that is molasses-like, syrupy even. All of this translates beautifully to the actual taste, too. The company's description, "malt, oak & syrupy" is spot on. Rante Karua is a happy marriage of a toasted woodiness with an edge, and a soft, round, malty goodness. And yes, this relationship is an enduring one, too: the finish is long and sweet, just as if the two parties love to be together, and stay that way forever. (For the Finnish readers: despite the name, there is absolutely nothing "karua" [bleak, rugged] to this excellent product.) #roastcoffee #coffeeinCopenhagen #bialettimoka #coffeereviews

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