Top 10 coffees of 2018!

Top10coffees_2018.001During this year, I got to enjoy at least 57 coffee blends or single origin coffee products from 13 different countries and 28 companies. To the present list I chose only higher quality products that had no detectable added flavoring. To make comparison easy (AND to have the best coffee possible!), all of the coffees were brewed in the same way, in my 3 cup Bialetti Moka. No milk, cream or sugar, just the black coffee goodness. Here’s my top 10:

1. Black Rifle Coffee Fit Fuel (USA)
2. Black Rifle Coffee AK Espresso (USA)
3. Black Rifle Coffee Silencer Smooth (USA)
4. Safari Lounge Espresso Blend (Kenya)
5. Java House Espresso (Kenya)
6. Pascucci Golden Sack (Italy)
7. Cafetoria Flores (Finland)
8. Жокей (Jockey) Klassichesky (Russia)
9. Cafetoria Gran Palomar (Finland)
10. Cafetoria Caramelo (Finland)

Honorable mentions:
– Galliano Caffè al gusto di Vaniglia (aromatic, Italy)
– Lidl Italiamo Caffè Tradizionale 100% Arabica (budget level, Italy/Germany)

The top 3 blends from BRCC were way above the others, and also above anything I’d tried before. Amazing, amazing stuff. They just had to be on the very top. Ranking the rest was harder. All of the products in the top 10 were so good, that they could be my desert island blends at any time. Absolutely fantastic coffees, all of them.
Lastly: 57 different coffees is a lot. While I did purchase some of them myself, many of them were gifted to me by friends. Thank you so much for your generosity, and for making this possible!
Looking forward to a good coffee year in 2019!

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