Instant coffee? Why not?


The mailman brought us a surprise package from our good friends in Nagoya, Japan. It included this: Starbucks Via Coffee Essence, Christmas Blend, Vintage 2018, dark roast.

Now, I remember Starbucks 2017 Christmas Blend very well: unlike many European Christmas coffees that have an added flavoring, the Starbucks offering was a nice, unflavored, dark roasted all day blend. So when we got this, I was really interested to see what the 2018 version is about.

This is not beans, nor pre-ground, but instant coffee, packed in single serving pouches. The package description is pretty short. The company tells us that Vintage 2018 is made of rare aged Sumatra coffee, blended with bright Latin American and smooth Indonesian coffees. They also say it’s spicy and sweet.

Like its predecessor, the 2018 Christmas Blend is all about unadulterated coffee flavor. There are no added seasonal flavorings to it. I honestly cannot detect all the different coffees included in the blend, but the ”spicy and sweet” part seems pretty accurate. This is actually pretty tasty for an instant coffee, very much like a good, basic drip coffee you can get at a Starbucks shop. It is dark, but mild enough for your first cup in the morning. The familiar ”Starbucks note” (I still don’t know what it is!) is there, too, although a bit more subdued than in the 2017 version.

All in all, Starbucks Christmas Blend, Vintage 2018 may not be exactly mind blowing, but it certainly is a nice and easy way to start your day!


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