Pascucci Perú—an excellent choice for the thinker


My Pascucci month continues with this: Perú F. la Rossa, Mono Origine Roasted Coffee Beans. As the company briefly states on the bag, this is washed Arabica, roast level 4/10.

Now, after enjoying Guatemala La Alpa 1 from the same series, this particular product was a little bit tougher for me to review. It felt good from the very start, but it took me several cups to really get my head around it.

The presentation as well as the bag aroma are classic Pascucci: dryish beans with a pungent, toasted Arabica vibe and a marzipan-like edge. Very much like Guatemala, then, only slightly darker and a tiny bit spicier and smokier.

At first, the bouquet seems to be quite ordinary for an Italian Arabica espresso. But then you sense a hint of dried fruits, and also something that makes you think of a cream liqueur. Baileys? Very pleasant.

The actual taste is not as sweet as you would expect. The dried fruits take a back seat, and the Baileys thing is replaced with a certain nuttiness. The mouthfeel is somewhat creamy, which makes you think of Guatemala, but the taste is more robust. Harder, if you will. At this point you go: ”OK, your typical Italian espresso.” But the best is yet to come: the finish. It is long and caramelly. This is high quality stuff, no doubt about it.

Admittedly, Perú is not as multifaceted as some other Pascucci products, but then that’s not what you want all the time. Sometimes you need to concentrate on other things. That’s when you want a delicious Italian style Arabica that you can simply enjoy without having to think too much about it. Perú is just that. For me, personally, it would be the perfect complement to a good book.

So, where do you find it? In Finland, the answer is Ciao! Caffé coffee shops. I got mine from their Trio shop in Lahti. Do yourself a favor and get it!


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