Pascucci Brasile—simply enjoyable


My third coffee from the Pascucci Mono Origine series is this: Brasile Flor Chocolate. Just like its lighter siblings, Guatemala and Perú, Brasile is straight Arabica, only not washed like the others. At roast level 5/10, it’s also the darkest of the three.

The beans look like any other product from Pascucci, only a bit oilier. The bag note, too, is familiar, maybe a bit sharper and smokier. All of this makes sense: it’s a darker roast.

What about the bouquet? I would say: milk chocolate, vanilla, maybe even some molasses. But then there’s also a tiny hint of something floral, vegetable-like, even. All of these aromas are melded together in a way that makes none of them easily discernible. It’s a curious mélange of aromas, yet very pleasant.

The taste, then: Brasile certainly doesn’t lack flavor, but is not the most full-bodied coffee I’ve had, either. For Finnish coffee drinkers, many of whom are crazy about ”dark roasted coffee” for its supposed full body, Brasile would be a prime example: On the one hand, the darker roast gives it a sharpness and, well, darkness that its sister products Guatemala and Perú didn’t have. On the other hand, though, the body is not quite as full as in the lighter roasted Guatemala. To put it into musical terms, the lower middle and bass notes are pretty vague, and the emphasis is on the higher end of the ”tonal” spectrum. The milk chocolate and the vegetable-like quality are still there, but overall it’s  about your basic Arabica coffee flavor.

For some, this might sound like a negative statement. For me, it is not. Judging by their other products, the coffee artisans at Pascucci know exactly what they are doing. They are perfectly capable of providing multidimensional, full flavored coffees. Brasile is not like that, but who says it has to be? Yes, it’s pretty simple, but very enjoyable nonetheless. If that’s what you’re looking for, get Brasile.

In Finland, Pascucci products are available at Ciao! Caffé coffee shops. Their Trio shop is by far my favorite coffee shop in our city, Lahti. They also make the best ice cream I’ve had outside of Italy. Go check them out!


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