Pascucci Colombia—It just works!


img_20190116_080712My fourth Pascucci coffee for January is this: Colombia, Mono Origine Roasted Coffee Ground. Filter Coffee.

As the name indicates, this is a pre-ground product intended for filter use. However, the grind size is pretty fine for a filter, not very far from what some other Italian companies offer for Moka. So, while it may not be the orthodox way of brewing this, I decided to go with my trusty Bialetti. Why not? It’s my coffee, anyway. Ha!

But wait, what about the bag note? Oh yes, it’s light, sweet and nutty. At first you think it smells like any Colombian Arabica, but then you notice that confectionery-like extra something, the thing that makes Pascucci products so irresisible. Whatever it is, I love it.

All of this is there in the final product, too, even if the bouquet is a little more robust than expected. Now you can also get a hint of medium dark chocolate.

How does it taste, then? Simply put, not quite as sweet as expected. While the mouthfeel is pretty smooth, the taste is dominated by a bitter nuttiness. You could also describe it as strong and masculine, but in a different way than an Italian espresso. It’s complex, but not overly so. Put it like this: If Colombia were a jazz guitar sound, it would remind me of Wes Montgomery. You know the legendary sound of the big man thumbpicking the heavy gauge strings of his Gibson L-5. The whole tonal spectrum is there, but with an emphasis on the midrange. It’s smooth, yet not refined to perfection like, say, the classic Pat Metheny sound. Instead, there’s an organic rawness to it. And that’s exactly where its beauty lies.

Pascucci Colombia is one of those blends that just works. It may not be the most sophisticated dessert blend, but it would be perfect with your bacon and eggs or whatever you like to have in the morning. Very nice!

In Finland, this and other Pascucci products are available at—you guessed it!—Ciao! Caffé coffee shops. Lately I’ve been frequenting their Trio shop in Lahti more than any other coffee shop. You should do the same!


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