Pellini Aroma Oro—simply golden!


I’m back home. Finally.

After a couple of weeks of trying to cope with the lower quality blends I reviewed earlier, I just allowed myself to have some real Italian espresso.

The blend in question is this: Pellini Aroma Oro.

Let’s cut to the chase: It’s very good. I like it a lot.

It’s funny, though. Initially, there doesn’t seem to be anything that special to this product. Aroma Oro is a typical Italian espresso blend of 80/20 Arabica/Robusta, roasted medium dark. But on the other hand, that’s where its beauty lies.

When you open the bag, you go: ”Chocolate! Oh, and some vanilla, too! Bitter almonds? Maybe?” Mind you, Aroma Oro is not an ”aromatic” blend: this is plain coffee with no additional topping. Even then, the bag aroma is really chocolatey and, as the name would suggest, ”golden” (”oro”). Absolutely mouthwatering. At the same time, however, the bag note is pretty ”medium,” if that makes sense, and not unlike some other Italian espressos.

In the cup you get the same chocolate/vanilla mix, but there’s also a faint hint of that floral thing you sometimes get from Robusta.

The first sip is sure to surprise you: Aroma Oro is so well balanced and silky smooth that—along with the amazing AK Espresso by Black Rifle Coffee Company—it could be the smoothest espresso blend I’ve ever had. There is no bitterness, harshness or edginess whatsoever. Another remarkable thing has to do with the body: the mouthfeel is a lot lighter than expected. And this is not due to light roasting; as mentioned above, the roast is actually on the darker side. But this lightness is not a negative thing by any means. The blend works extremely well as it is.

Just like the bag aroma, the flavor profile, too, is all about chocolate, then some more chocolate, and a hint of vanilla in the background. Only the flowers and bitter almonds are nowhere to be found. Just delicious.

So, what do you make of all this? Pellini Aroma Oro might not be the most unique or full flavored espresso out there, but it most certainly is a flavorful blend. If I only had the money (it’s not cheap), it would always have a place in my rotation.

Aroma Oro would offer a great change of pace for the experienced espresso man/woman who wants something with a little less oomph. Also, it would be the perfect choice for someone who is just getting into espresso, and is not used to the more potent stuff like, say, Ionia or some Segafredo blends.

I’ll say it again: I like it very much.

In Finland you can get it online, or—as I did—from the friendly folks at Roasberg, Helsinki. Check it out!


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