This is what ”Finnish” coffee should taste like


I know.

I’m probably the last Finnish coffee nerd who still hadn’t tried out the well-reputed coffees from Turun kahvipaahtimo, an artisan roastery in (or actually near) Turku, Finland. So as I recently drove through this old home town of mine, I just had to visit CaféArt by the river, and pick up some of their products.

I decided to start with this: Espresso Finca Santa Teresa.

As you might expect from coffee experts, the company has included a pretty detailed description of the product on the package. They tell us that this is Catuai, Catimor and Java from Nicaragua, La Union, processed naturally. Tasting notes: rich and intensive, with raisins, rum and marzipan.

When I opened the package and the bag inside it, I instantly got a high, berry-like aroma and the marzipan. Now, I seem to sense marzipan in many lighter roasted Finnish coffee blends, but here the smell of sweet, bitter almonds is very pronounced.

I brewed this in my macchinetta, and inserted my nostrils in the cup. Wow. As if from nowhere, the rum appeared. Yes, berries, marzipan and rum. No raisins just yet, though. I started to get the feeling that the taste was probably going to be pretty sharp and acidic.

Oh boy was I wrong.

The taste was amazingly well balanced and smooth, ”soft,” if you like. And yet there were so many things going on. When I first sipped it, it was all about the ”high-pitched” berries. But then, after a couple of seconds, the mid-range finish appeared: raisins and rum. Every now and then I also got a citrusy note. There’s no question about it. Turun kahvipaahtimo has created a true masterpiece.

In my opinion, Finca Santa Teresa is exactly what the famous medium-light roasted, lighter bodied, ”Finnish” style coffee should taste like. I personally prefer not to eat berries, but I’m assuming this would be the perfect complement for a Scandinavian berry pie.

Get yourself some Finca Santa Teresa from Turun kahvipaahtimo! It’s really good!

EDIT: I just received a message from Turun kahvipaahtimo saying that as of today, this product is sold out. No wonder! They also shared some exciting information about their new espresso blends. I’m really looking forward to trying them. Do yourself a favor and check them out here!

– H

Feb. 25, 2019


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