Espresso from Estonia, part 2. You NEED to check this out!


Here’s the other one of the two products my wife brought me from Kokomo Coffee Roasters, Tallinn, Estonia: Espresso Brazil / Colombia / Guatemala. This is a blend of natural/washed Arabicas. The roast level is medium dark.

It. Is. Very. Very. Tasty.

To put it into musical terms, this blend is all about the upper midrange of the tonal spectrum. The second you open the bag, it punches you in the face with this high, piercing note. I kept wondering how to describe the aroma. Sweet, even liqueur-ish? Be that as it may, it surely smells delicious.

The bouquet is very sweet and caramelly, with a tiny hint of a floral fragrance here and there. This is also exactly what you taste. The blend is full-bodied enough to satisfy the black coffee man after a big meal, and yet it’s the higher pitched notes that stay in the spotlight. Sweet, soft caramel, plus the flowery thing, like hyacinths. Absolutely fantastic.

I’d be happy to take the trip to Tallinn just to get more of Espresso Brazil / Colombia / Guatemala from Kokomo. It’s that good. You need to check it out!


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