Fazenda Passeio—you do NOT want to miss these!


Last month I got my first taste of espressos from Turun kahvipaahtimo, the coffee roastery near the historic city of Turku, Finland.  I was totally blown away.

Last week, the good folks at Turun kahvipaahtimo surprised me with a very generous gift: four of their new products! Thank you so much!

I decided to start with these two blends: Espresso Fazenda Passeio and Fazenda Passeio Mixed Varieties. The ingredients are the same in both: pulped natural Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo and Acaia from the Fazenda Passeio farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The tasting notes from the roastery are identical, too (my direct translation): ”Chocolate, raisins, nutty. A full bodied mouthfeel with a mild acidity.” The two products are intended for different uses—one for espresso, obviously, and the other for drip coffee—, but otherwise they seem to be similar. I’m not sure, but maybe the espresso version is roasted slightly darker? Other than that, I couldn’t find any difference between them.

The second you open the bag you know you are about to experience something really good.

First, the bag aroma: Deep, dark chocolate! There’s also a nutty, toasted aroma reminiscent of dark fired burley tobacco.

Second, the aroma after grinding: The dark chocolate remains the main player, but the burley is replaced by sweet and dark dried fruits. Oh wow, this is starting to get really interesting.

Then the bouquet: chocolate, dried fruits and nuts.

Finally, the taste: Yes, yes! When I brewed the espresso version in my macchinetta, I got a fantastic mélange of dark chocolate, some nuts, and a figgy, raisinlike sweetness. Still the whole thing had this ”toasted” vibe to it. The mouthfeel was slightly buttery, even syrupy, and oh so smooth. The drip coffee version was a little more acidic, but very pleasant, nonetheless.

Even if I couldn’t have any other coffee for the rest of my life, I would be a very happy man.

The Fazenda Passeio blends from Turun kahvipaahtimo offer a true cornu copiae of aromas and flavors, and yet they never feel like there are too many things going on. From the very start to the very long and delicious finish you feel like you’re dealing with an amazingly well balanced product, whose many parts fit together perfectly to form a unified whole.

Need I say more? You do NOT want to miss these blends.


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