Pascucci Caffè Bio—chocolate and cigar leaf


One of my good colleagues hooked me up with this: Pascucci Caffè Bio 100% Organic Coffee.

As is customary, there’s no real description of the ingredients on the bag. However, the company website offers the following information: This is a blend of ”Colombia ’Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta’, Ethiopia ’Sidamo’, Guatemala ’Chiquimula’, India ’Wayanad’, Mexico ’Chiapas’, Papua Nuova Guinea, Peru.” They also say this: ”The aromatic acidity of good washed Arabica prevails on everything. It is a primitive coffee, sweet, delicately rough, with a very fresh aroma and a dark aftertaste. It’s composed of natural and washed coffee; the fruity notes of apricot, avocado and green almonds emerge above all.”

OK, if you say so. I, personally, would have described this quite differently. Like this:

The bag aroma seems very similar to many good Italian Arabicas, so there’s nothing particularly remarkable there. When you grind the beans, though, the familiar Pascucci aroma emerges: the sweetness of confectionery and dark chocolate. Very nice!

What about the bouquet? Dark chocolate confectionery, obviously, but also vanilla. Oh yeah, and some nuttiness in the background, too. So maybe that would be interpreted as green almonds? On top of it all, however, there’s definitely a bitter smokiness of cigar leaf.

The flavor profile is very similar to what you sense in the bouquet: It’s sweet and chocolatey. At the same time it’s quite bitter and cigar-like. The vanilla and nuts/almonds stay in the background, but are definitely there from start to finish. Just as the company states, the overall feeling is kind of primitive and ”delicately rough,” but in a good way. This is probably the most delicious ”organic” coffee I’ve had. But apricot or avocado? At least I couldn’t detect them.

In my opinion, Pascucci Caffè Bio is a very good all day every day kind of espresso blend. It probably won’t make your jaw drop, but is guaranteed to work every time you need an honest Italian espresso. You might want to check it out!


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