Artisan Red Guji—One of the best. Period.


Today I decided to open the bag of Red Guji I received from Kaapo Paavolainen, the great barista of Artisan Café, Helsinki. My bag was a sample and thus didn’t have a label on it, but as the company tells us, this is a single origin coffee from ”Ethiopia. Natural Processed. Heirloom Microlot. Espresso.”

Briefly, this is one of the best coffees I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. Period.

The second you open the bag, you get an aroma of light milk chocolate and berry pie—the one mom used to make when you were a kid. I know this may sound pathetic, but I’m not kidding: the smell almost brought tears into my eyes.

As you grind the light roasted beans, a sharper, berry-like aroma appears. Definitely red berries. Think of ripe and fresh raspberries, but smashed into the kind of jam you put in a Scandinavian style birthday cake. By now the milk chocolate has turned into dark chocolate. It has also taken a back seat to the berries. Every now and then you get a tiny hint of almonds, too.

What about the bouquet? At this point the red berries seem to be stewed, and the chocolate aroma is more pronounced. You could just sit there and smell it all day long.

The taste is very berry-like and kind of acidic, but quite smooth at the same time, if that makes any sense. The chocolate is there all the time, too. Both of these flavors—berry and chocolate—are kind of separated, but kind of together. If you allow, I will admit I was reminded of the famous concept of one person acknowledged in two natures unconfusedly, unchangeably, indivisibly, inseparably. Simply amazing.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of berry-like espressos. I’ve tried quite many of them, but that particular flavor profile just never has felt right for me. Until now. In Red Guji, Artisan Café has created a masterpiece, a true winner.

You owe it to yourself to check out Artisan Café. You can do so here.


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