Aurora borealis? Oh yes, please!


Last week I got a package from Kaamos kahvipaahtimo, the roastery in Rovaniemi, the ”capital” of Finnish Lapland: a selection of their blends, four of them, to be exact.

I decided to start with the lightest one: Revontuli / Aurora borealis, a blend of Kenia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia Sidamo, roasted 2/5. In the bag description they say: ”fruity, citric and berry-like flavors and aromas […] along with nice acidity.”

As I ground the beans, I certainly got a nice, light aroma of citrus and milk chocolate.

At first the bouquet didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary, just a sweet, citrusy aroma of lighter roasted Ethiopian, and some chocolate. But then I picked up a tiny hint of something else, too, something I couldn’t put my finger on at first. Memories from my childhood? Oh yes, the sweet and caramelly room note of Clan pipe tobacco my best friend’s dad used to smoke. Very nice, indeed.

The taste, then: It was slightly chocolatey and had this ”high,” lemony note to it, not unlike the one in Ethiopian Sidamo from Löfbergs. It was slightly acidic, too, but not sharp in any way. I actually found it to be rather ”soft” and sweet. Honestly speaking, I didn’t detect the berries, but there was a hint of licorice in the finish. Delicious! I found myself doing something I never do: every time I finished my cup, I just sat there smelling the empty cup. Fresh fruits—lemon, most of all—and some milk chocolate. I always ended up wondering whether I should make another cup.

If you are looking for a lighter roast coffee that is medium-light in body but flavorful at the same time, I would highly recommend Revontuli. Check it out here!


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