Midnight sun—first thing in the morning


For the past three days I’ve been enjoying this: Yötön Yö / Midnight sun from Kaamos kahvipaahtimo. It contains Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Nicaragua (Organic), and is roasted 3/5. The company tells us it’s a ”flavorable blend of fancy citric aromas with soft and fruity flavors and hints of chocolate.”

The ground beans had a nutty and somewhat chocolatey aroma that made me think of some Colombians I’ve had. I also got a hint of fresh fruits which, in my opinion, was not particularly citrusy, but slightly sweet. The bouquet was very similar: nuts and chocolate, some fruits.

It took me several cups to get my head around this blend. Initially, the flavor was all about a (”tonal”) midrange nuttiness, with some chocolate. Moderately acidic. But then, the fruits appeared in the finish, even if only for a passing moment. If I had to describe that flavor with one word, I would say ”yellow.”

In my opinion, Midnight sun probably isn’t the most nuanced blend out there, but it definitely is an honest, middle of the road Coffee with a capital C. Very basic, but in a positive sense. It’s exactly the kind of blend I would reach for in the morning with my big breakfast. Later in the day, when my palate has woken up, there is plenty of time for those fancy, multidimensional espressos.

And by the way, this blend worked really with my AeroPress, too!

Do check it out! You can do so here.


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