Mountain Stream—the Finnish replacement for BRCC


It’s no secret: I’m a huge fan of Black Rifle Coffee Company. I just absolutely love everything about their products: the blends (SO sophisticated, and yet full of rock’n roll), the amazing quality (the beans, the roast, the consistency—and by the way, mechanically the easiest coffees to deal with), the packaging, the vision, the whole thing. And the prices are very reasonable, too. I’ve only had one problem: the shipping from the US to Finland costs more than the coffee itself. So, while I’ve been saving money for my next order, I’ve been forced to live without their great products.

Enter Tunturipuro / Mountain Stream from Kaamos kahvipaahtimo. Oh boy, oh boy. I like it. Very much.

Mountain Stream is a medium dark roasted (3,5/5) blend of Burundi and Colombia. According to the roastery, the mouthfeel is soft and vivacious with a bit of acid, fruityness and earthiness along with hints of chocolate and spices.

The bag aroma instantly made me think of my beloved Italians: it had that sweet, dark chocolatey, confectionery-like vibe characteristic of many of my favorite Pascucci blends.

As I ground the beans, the aroma turned into that bold, hard, no-nonsense thing I love so much, yet with some very sophisticated nuances: dark chocolate, cinnamon and other baking spices. Exactly the thing I’ve come to adore in BRCC products.

Everything I smelled in my coffee grinder was there in the bouquet as well. This seems to be one characteristic of Kaamos kahvipaahtimo products: None of them have provided any surprises. From the moment you grind the beans you pretty much know what you’re going to get. That is very good.

This blend was no different. The taste was all about dark, bold and hard—for the lack of a better word—masculinity. It made me think of one of my all time favorites, AK Espresso from BRCC. It was not dark or bold in the way a french roast is dark and bold. It was not hard in the sense of being harsh or acrid. It was full-bodied, big and strong, but well rounded and ”medium” enough to enjoy all day. It was kind of simple but not monochromatic by any means: all of the different flavors worked together extremely well to form a unified whole.

That settles it. I’ve finally found the Finnish replacement for my favorite American coffee. I’m sure I’ll still be craving for Black Rifle Coffee Company blends, but with this fantastic product from Kaamos kahvipaahtimo, I’ll be OK until I get enough cash for international shipping.

Don’t miss out! Check out Tunturipuro / Mountain Stream from Kaamos kahvipaahtimo!


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