Polar Night Charm—very charming


This is going to be a short review. The roastery, Kaamos kahvipaahtimo has made it so easy for me.

Their namesake product, Kaamoksen lumo / Polar Night Charm is a dark roasted (4/5) blend of India Bababudangiri, and Kenya Josra.

As seems to be the case with many of the Kaamos blends, Polar Night Charm doesn’t surprise you in any way, but does exactly what it was created for. From the moment you open the bag until the last sip, this blend is all about semi-sweet dark chocolate and—excuse me for repeating myself—the sweet confectionery thing I’ve come to love in many good Italian espressos. Perhaps there’s a caramelly hint in the finish as well. But then there’s something else, too: the kind of rooty, vegetable-like quality that makes you think of, say, Courriere XO. Both of these flavor profiles—the sweet and the savory—are in perfect balance. The feel is not overly multifaceted, but not monochromatic, either. It’s kind of simple, but in a very good way.

Now, in the recent years, dark roasted coffee has gained enormous popularity here in Scandinavia. Many people say they prefer dark roasted blends because of their fuller body. In my opinion, however, darker roast doesn’t necessarily have much to do with a fuller body. (I’ve actually had some really dark blends that tasted kind of weak.) Polar Night Charm is the perfect example of this. It is dark, yes, but medium in body. It has the edge characteristic of many dark roast blends, but at the same time it’s quite soft and well-rounded, if that makes sense.

If I had to pick one of the four Kaamos kahvipaahtimo blends I’ve reviewed during the past week, I would definitely go with Tunturipuro / Mountain Stream. That was just fantastic. But that’s just my personal opinion. All of them are very good coffee blends. If you want a darker blend that’s flavorful but doesn’t punch you in the face, Polar Night Charm is your choice. Go check it out!


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