Arnolds Signature Blend. My new desert island coffee.

Ten minutes ago, I had one of the best coffee moments of my entire life. It was totally unexpected, like ”BOOM. This is why I love coffee.”

It all started a couple of days ago. I took my kids to have some donuts at the local Arnolds shop. Now, Arnolds is a Finnish donut chain that makes excellent donuts and bagels. That’s where I used to take my beautiful girlfriend as a teenager. (It worked: she’s been my wife for almost 23 years now.) Anyway, as we were choosing the donuts with the kids, I noticed some new coffee blends on the counter. This, Signature Blend, was one of them. The owner happened to be present herself, so I got to ask her about the blends. She was very knowledgeable about their coffee products, and kindly offered me two bags to try. Just like that. Wow, thank you!

So, as I got home I decided to try Signature Blend first. Like all Arnolds coffees, Signature Blend is blended exclusively for them by Johan & Nyström, the great Swedish coffee company. Is is a blend of (my translation) ”meticulously selected beans from Latin America, Africa and Sumatra,” medium roast. They say it is chocolatey, nutty and fresh, with hints of berries and fruits. It’s pre-ground for filter use.

I decided to try it with my AeroPress. Oh boy. From the moment I opened the bag until the last sip, Signature Blend was exactly what they said it would be. Chocolatey, nutty and fresh, with hints of berries and fruits. For me, though, there were more fresh, yellow fruits than berries. But it was all there. Multifaceted, but kind of simple at the same time.

But then today, after lunch, I tried to brew it with the inverted method. That’s when it happened. Time almost stopped as I sat there in the couch with the coffee mug in my hand. Now, I never do anything like that. My schedule doesn’t allow me to sit around, just enjoying a beverage. But Signature Blend really hit me. All the different flavors were there, in perfect balance. It was not like I was tasting the most exquisite artisan coffee blend on the planet. Rather, it was like I had come home, and mum made me a meal I used to love as a kid. Comforting. That’s the word. The thought crossed my mind: if this was the only coffee blend I could have, I’d be a happy man.

So, do yourself a favor. Go to your local Arnolds shop and get some Signature Blend. It will work for you any time of the day. I like it so much that I’m playing with the idea of starting to have coffee in the evening, too.


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