Caffi Kenya AA Rungeto Kii—JUICY!

Here’s another fantastic coffee from Caffi, the artisan roastery in Lahti, Finland: Kenya AA Rungeto Kii.

As the name would suggest, the beans are from Kenya, from the Kii washing station, Rungeto coop, Kirinyaga region to be exact. On the label, the company tells us that the coffee is very juicy, with some flavors of redcurrant and pink grapefruit. They also say that the beans are roasted light in order to emphasize the extreme acidity of the coffee, and to retain the delicate, sweet juiciness.

That’s exactly what you get with this coffee.

Now, I used to think that calling a coffee acidic is the same as saying that it tastes sour, tangy or sharp. Later, I have learned that that doesn’t have to be the case. Kenya AA Rungeto Kii is the perfect example of this. This coffee is all about the delicious acidity of fresh cut fruits and red berries. It is well balanced, very soft and extremely juicy. In my opinion, the pink grapefruit flavor is in the forefront, but not overpowering by any means.

Just like Etiopia Natural, the award winning Caffi product I reviewed earlier this week, Kenya AA Rungeto Kii is so delicate and sophisticated that for most people it would probably work best as a dessert coffee. While it is not quite as multifaceted as Etiopia Natural, it is really, really delicious. I strongly recommend visiting the Caffi webstore today!


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