Marufuku Coffee (丸福珈琲店) ”Marufuku Coffee”—dark and very mild

Here’s another great blend I received as a gift from our dear friends in Japan: ”Marufuku Coffee” from 丸福珈琲店 (Marufuku Coffee Shop), Osaka.

On the can it says that this is (my translation) the Marufuku Coffee Shop ”quality blend coffee” or ”carefully produced blend coffee”. They also call it ”regular coffee”. While I’m not 100% sure about this, it seems like this is Marufuku’s flagship blend.

Just like its sister product, ”Shōwa Kyunen Blend” which I recently reviewed, ”Marufuku Coffee” is made of beans from Brazil, Colombia and ”other places”. Also the grind size is said to be the same, medium fine.

Indeed, as I opened the can, ”Marufuku Coffee” looked exactly like ”Shōwa Kyunen Blend”. The grind size was identical, and the roast seemed similar: dark, approximately 4/5. Even the aroma was almost the same.

Flavorwise, too, the two blends were very similar: Dark roasted regular coffee with a toasted, slightly smoky flavor and aroma. However, there were some minor differences as well. Whereas ”Shōwa Kyunen Blend” was nutty and bean-like, this one was nutty and dark chocolatey. Also, ”Marufuku Coffee” was even milder and smoother than ”Shōwa Kyunen Blend”. It had a sort of diluted feel to it. In this it reminded me of a good Americano.

In my opinion, ”Marufuku Coffee” is a very good every day all day type of blend. While it probably isn’t potent enough to satisfy the hard core espresso lover, it would be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get into dark roasted coffee but is not accustomed to the bitter or burnt flavors that you get with many dark roast blends. If you can get ”Marufuku Coffee”, I highly recommend you try it!

芦田さんご一家、本当にありがとうございました! (Ashida Family, thank you so much!)


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