Cafetoria Perlamayo—naturally fruity, herbal and delicious

Here comes the next one from my favorite coffee company, Cafetoria Roastery: ”Perlamayo”.

This is a blend of organic Typica, Bourbon and Caturra from Perlamayo, Peru. The roast is medium, 2/5. According to the company, the blend brings us ”Fragrances of the high Andes”. As for tasting notes, they suggest the following: ”floral, fruit stones, caramel, red apple”.

As you could expect from a Cafetoria product, you get exactly what they promise. The stone fruity aspect was there, as was the apple-like soft acidity. However, these two flavors melded together to create this delicious, mellow fruityness. The florality was detectable as well, but in my opinion it wasn’t ”flowery” like, say, Metaxa can be described as floral when you compare it with other brandys. I would say that the overall feel was more ”herbal”. Honestly, I didn’t pick up the caramel, really, but I guess the overall midrange body could be described as caramelly.

Having said that, the different aspects of the flavor profile did not feel overly independent or separated from each other. Rather, they formed a harmonious union, while still retaining their respective characters. In my experience, the same can be said of many other Cafetoria coffees as well. It’s a quality I really like about their products.

I found myself comparing Perlamayo to Cafetoria Finca la Flor. While these two coffees are not identical, obviously, they are pretty similar. Both are medium-light in body, naturally fruity and acidic but soft, nuanced and delicate. At the same time, they have a ”masculine” or ”no-nonsense” vibe to them. With Perlamayo, you also get to enjoy this delicious herbal vibe.

All in all, Perlamayo is very good! Check it out at Cafetoria Roastery!


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