Cafetoria Mitad del Corazon—like a quality red wine

davHere’s another fantastic product from Cafetoria Roastery: Mitad del Corazon, an organic coffee whose origin is in La Coipa, Peru. The roast is dark (3/5).

As I always do with ”espresso” coffees, I brewed this in my Bialetti Moka pot. Here’s what I thought about it.

This coffee is exactly what the company promises on the label. You get ”[o]ak, Porto wine, figs”. It is ”creamy”, and has ”profound acidity”.

Now, in many coffees, acidity seems like a separate feature along with the flavors. In Mitad del Corazon, however, the acidity is an intergral part of what you’re tasting. It is very much like semi dry red wine with a full body. I was reminded of some pinot noirs I’ve enjoyed in the past. I definitely got the dried figs, and some leather as well. Lastly, there was the tiniest hint of caramel in the (very creamy) finish.

Mitad del Corazon is one of those coffees that leave you speechless—hence, the short review. Briefly, I just absolutely loved it.

Do yourself a favor, visit Cafetoria, and get yourself some!


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