Café Liégeois Mano Mano Puissant—potent but smooth!


Next up: Puissant from Café Liégeois, Belgium. As the name would suggest, this is one of the more potent blends in the company’s Mano Mano line of coffees.

On the bag, there is little information on the ingredients. The company only tells us that ”[c]e mélange contient, entre autre, du café de… Inde”. That is to say, ”this blend includes, among other things, coffee from India” (my translation). Based on the flavor profile, however, I assumed that this is a blend of Arabica and Robusta. While it was hard to guess the proportions, there seemed to be a generous helping of R in this—which was nice!

As on the other Café Liégeois coffee bags, here too the flavor profile was described by the familiar graph. It could be interpreted thus:

  • Rondeur: 10/14
  • Intensité: 12/14
  • Fruité: 5/14

The roast was dark, somewhere around 4/5, in my estimation. Just the appearance of the beans made me think that this would be suitable for moka/espresso use. I was right! (I guess don’t have to tell you that I chose to use my Bialetti Moka!)

The bouquet reminded me of pine needles and dark baking cocoa. These were the main players in the actual flavor profile, too. There might have been a hint of something floral in there as well (Robusta!), but it was by no means a prominent component. While there was some acidity and bitterness—both very pleasant—, on the whole, the blend was very well behaved and smooth.

So, if you’re looking for a Robusta forward espresso that is

  • flavorful
  • smooth
  • very satisfying
  • but something that won’t punch you in the face…

then Mano Mano Puissant from Café Liégeois might be a good choice. I think you should give it a try! In Finland, you can get it from Kahvikaveri.


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