Arcaffè Roma—Italy at her best

If you’re like me and love Italian coffee, you should try the espressos blended by Arcaffè, the traditional coffee company in Livorno, Italy. I recently got four of them, and here’s the first one: Arcaffè Roma.

On the bag, the coffee is described thus:


Roma is a fusion of multiple Arabica coffees, originating from Brazil and high ground estates in Central America, Ethiopia and India. This blend has been produced without alteration (apart from wartime) since 1926.

Talk about a long tradition! I like that.

There’s also a cool graph:

The aroma of the ground beans was definitely caramelly, and cocoa-like.

The body was smooth and rich, and yet the mouthfeel seemed to be on the lighter side, ”medium” at most. Actually, Roma felt almost juicy in the mouth—an unexpected experience indeed, considering that this is a no-nonsense Italian espresso blend. And yes, the acidity was ”medium”, at least no more than that.

The flavor was medium full. The overall experience was caramelly and cocoa-like, and there was some of that natural, nutty sweetness of American burley tobacco leaf as well. All of these flavors were in perfect balance.

Even the aroma of the emptly cup was great. It evoked a memory from my childhood:

– – A cool summer evening in the Finnish archipelago. I’m standing in the garden of my friend’s house, watching his dad tend his lovely rose bushes. The sweet and caramelly aroma of his aromatic pipe tobacco. – –

Back to Arcaffè Roma: I loved everything about it! Roma is Italian straight arabica espresso at its best. It is flavorful, but very well balanced. It will satisfy the hard core espresso lover, but it will do so very gently. I can’t say how much I loved it.

If you haven’t tried Arcaffè Roma, you are missing out! In Finland, you can get Arcaffè blends from the coffee experts at Crema, Helsinki.


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