Arcaffè Mokacrema—smooth & full-bodied straight Arabica

Here’s Mokacrema, my second blend from Arcaffè, Livorno, Italy.

On the bag, the company describes the coffee as follows:

Mokacrema is a prized coffee blend produced by our company since 1949, made of 100% C. arabica with a high percentage of coffees coming from high ground estates of Central America and Ethiopia.

This time, the Arcaffè graph showed us this:

I think this is a pretty accurate description.

As was the case with Arcaffè Roma, here too the mouthfeel was pretty smooth and rich. Mokacrema was slightly more acidic, though—and that in a very pleasant way. The acidity was mostly apparent in the high end of the flavor spectrum, which was floral and citrusy, just as promised. But then, to balance out the flavor profile, the midrange was malty and honey-like. Even then, the overall experience was not too sweet, in my opinion. Lastly, in the lower midrange I detected a very pleasant, almost earthy and slightly bitter layer of baking spices.

At first sip, Arcaffè Mokacrema might not have been as mind-blowing as its sibling blend, Roma. However, after several cups, I started to appreciate it for what it is: a very good, smooth, yet full-bodied straight Arabica espresso, made in the traditional Italian way.

If you love true Italian coffee, you should try Arcaffè Mokacrema! In Finland, you can get Arcaffè blends from Crema, Helsinki.


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