Greek espresso—Uh oh.

This is a bag of Greek espresso that I found in my local Oriental grocery store. I love Greek coffee, so I just had to buy it.

I wish I didn’t.

From the moment I cut the bag open, I knew I was in trouble. I could tell it was a basic straight Arabica, but it mainly smelled like an old warehouse.

Since it was a Greek product, I tried to brew it in my briki. No, no. Too coarse. It also didn’t taste good. I decided to give it another try in my moka pot.

Uh oh. Try to imagine having liquid cardboard boxes and shipping packaging tape. Add to that a tiny bit of bitter Arabica flavor, and you’ll get the picture.

This is probably the first time in my life that I’ll have to discard almost 500 g of coffee. It is totally undrinkable.


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