Arcaffè Gorgona—An amazingly good Italian espresso

In these past days, I’ve returned to what I really like: espresso blends from Arcaffè, Livorno, Italy. This time, I’ll give you my thoughts on Gorgona, their Arabica/Robusta espresso blend.

On the back of the bag, the company states:

Gorgona, named after one of the Tuscan Archipelago’s islands located in front of Livorno, is blended with single estate coffees: two kinds of Arabica (85%) coming from Brazil and two washed Indian coffees: an Arabica and a Robusta (selected for and by CSC). it’s perfect for who prefers definite taste [sic!].

From this description one gets the impression that in addition to the 85% of Arabica, the remaining 15% consists of both Arabica and Robusta. However, on the label it says that there is 85% Arabican and 15% Robusta. Be that as it may, I’m interested in the flavor profile! And there is some information on that too:

Of course, I had to brew Gorgona in my Italian coffee maker numero uno, the Bialetti Moka.

Right off the bat, I could tell that the quality of the coffee was very high. (What else would you expect from a traditional company like Arcaffè?) The mouthfeel was smooth and creamy, and yet pretty light at the same time.

The flavor was moderately complex. I detected the following notes:

  • very nice bitterness—this is not to say that the blend was harsh in any way; rather, the bitterness seemed to come ”from within” the flavor profile
  • a tiny hint of pine needles
  • cinnamon
  • dried figs
  • liquorice

As was the case with Arcaffè Roma, here too the overall experience was quite unique: Gorgona was kind of fullbodied and masculine (well, it’s Italian espresso!) on the one hand, and light, sophisticated and almost juicy on the other. In this way, it offered the best of both worlds, and yet the whole thing felt very much ”together”. This seems to be an Arcaffè trademark; I’ve never experienced anything like it in other Italian coffees. I really, really like it! Lastly, I should also mention that the liquorice flavor was only barely detectable in the finish. So, even if you don’t like liquorice, I don’t think you would be offended by this blend.

As you can guess, I can highly recommend Arcaffè Gorgona. Like its sister blends, it is an amazingly good Italian espresso! In Finland, you can get it—and other Arcaffè products—from the good folks at Crema, Helsinki.

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