Record Coffee Co. Maustetyttöjen kahvi—”Finnish” coffee, only a lot better!

I recently got my hands on this cool coffee: Maustetyttöjen kahvi, a signature blend created by Record Coffee Co. (Kuopio, Finland) for Maustetytöt (Finnish for ”Spice Girls”!), the pop duo, known for their retro beats and characteristically Finnish lyrics about misery, depression, even suicidal tendencies. The description on the coffee bag would be pretty hard to translate, but I will say that it’s pretty hilarious for anyone who has heard the duo’s songs.

But now, on to the coffee itself. The ingredients were listed on the label:

Etiopia Guji, Ambela, washed
Tansania AA Karatu Estate, washed
Kenia Siret Peaberry, washed

The coffee came pre-ground for filter use, so I decided to brew it in my AeroPress (my usual method: inverted, paper filter). In my estimation, the roast level was medium, around 2,5/5.

The second I opened the bag, I knew that this was going to be really, really good. The main notes were

  • honey
  • fruits, both fresh and dried
  • red (?) berries

The bouquet was equally amazing.

In the mouth, the coffee felt very creamy, like honey. It was somewhat acidic, in the best sense of the word. While the blend was on the mild side flavor-wise, it was still surprisingly flavorful and nuanced. Everything I had detected in the bag note and bouquet were there in the flavor profile as well (in this order):

  1. honey
  2. dried fruits
  3. fresh fruits
  4. a hint of fresh (red?) berries

On top of it all, there was this DELICIOUS high note that I couldn’t put my finger on. There was something familiar to it, but even after consuming the whole bag of coffee, I couldn’t tell what it was. Anyhow, I absolutely loved it.

Somewhat unexpectedly, I found myself comparing this blend to the most popular Finnish grocery store coffee, Paulig Juhla Mokka (read my review!). While the two blends are by no means similar, the flavor profile in this RCC offering was not unlike the one in the Finnish classic. It felt a bit like having a gourmet version of Juhla Mokka. Therefore, I like to think that Maustetyttöjen kahvi would appeal to people who love their traditional Finnish coffee, but want to have something better—in this case, a lot better.

Last time I checked, Maustetyttöjen kahvi was sold out. I’m not surprised at all. It was so good! Even if you couldn’t get your hands on this particular blend, I highly recommend you try other products from Record Coffee Co. I certainly will!


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