Kahiwa El Jardín—like a good chardonnay

During the recent COVID-19 closure, Kahiwa Coffee Roasters moved their roastery to the Lahti city center. As the lockdown restrictions were eased, they opened the new facility, complete with a cool new cafe and wine bar. The other day, I went to see the place, and to buy some beans as well.

After showing me around, the CEO, Mr. Joonas Reinikainen introduced me to their new product: El Jardín. The first thing I noticed was that the company had replaced the brown paper bags with matte black ones with cool labels on them. On this particular label it said that El Jardín is hydro-honey processed Castillo from Colombia, roasted 2/5 on the Kahiwa scale. The tasting notes were listed as follows: Guava, grapefruit, hibiscus.

Now, I have no idea what guava and hibiscus taste or smell like! I do know that the one is a fruit and the other is a flower of some sort. Despite my obvious lack of knowledge in this area, I could easily tell that the ground beans had a ”high”, fruity, and floral aroma to it. However, the floral notes were a lot lighter and more refined than the familiar Robusta florality that you get with good Italian espressos. It was apparent that this was going to have a pretty sophisticated flavor profile.

I brewed El Jardín in my AeroPress (inverted, paper filter). The bouquet was quite similar to the aroma of the ground beans. In the mouth, the coffee felt light and juicy, but there was a little hint of creaminess too. The body was pretty light as well, but by no means hollow. In my opinion, the ”high” notes of grapefruit dominated the flavor profile. Even then, there were other fruity flavors to fill up some of the midrange—perhaps that was the guava? The floral notes became apparent in the finish. In the aftertaste, I think I might have detected some of the more familiar ”Colombian” flavors as well, such as nuttiness, and even a hint of chocolate, but I’m not 100% sure about it. Overall, the coffee was on the dry side of the flavor spectrum, but the fruity flavors gave it just enough natural sweetness to make it interesting.

To sum up, El Jardín is a very good, well-balanced, and surprisingly fruity Colombian. Now that I think of it, it is a lot like a good chardonnay. Get yourself some from Kahiwa Coffee Roasters, and see what you think!


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