Lehmus Roastery Kenya Kibugu Microlot—a fruity, moderately acidic Kenyan

This is Kenya Kibugu Microlot, a limited edition coffee from the award winning Lehmus Roastery (Lappeenranta, Finland). As the name would suggest, this coffee is produced by the Kibugu Farmers CO-OP Society in the Embu County, Kenya. It comprises washed SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11, and K7 beans.

On the label, the company states that the mouthfeel of this coffee is juicy and soft. We are also told that it provides ample sweetness, along with notes of citrus and toffee.

As usual, I used both the AeroPress and my good old Bialetti Moka pot for brewing.

Indeed, the mouthfeel was pretty juicy, and not quite as creamy as other Lehmus products. Of course, the moka version was somewhat fuller and creamier.

Having read the tasting notes, I would have expected the coffee to be sweeter. In my opinon, the flavor profile consisted of

  1. citrusy notes: lemon, and some pink grapefruit
  2. red berries
  3. caramel or nougat (it was hard to put my finger on it!)
  4. a tiny hint of dry, herbal flavors that reminded me of (darjeeling?) tea.

Lastly, notes of toffee were apparent in the finish.

In sum, this is clearly a high-quality product. That said, it did not exactly blow me away. But that’s just about personal preference. If you want to have fruity, moderately acidic and light roasted Kenyan coffee, I can highly recommend you order yourself some Kenya Kibugu Microlot from Lehmus Roastery!


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