Lehmus Roastery ”Kettu-kahvi” medium roast—Just fantastic!

As winter is upon us, it is good to stock up on some seasonally appropriate coffees. This time, I wanted to try out the Kettu-kahvi (Finnish for ”Fox Coffee”) line of seasonal coffees produced by the award winning Lehmus Roastery (Lappeenranta, Finland). The line consists of three coffees, all of which are made of naturally processed Yellow Bourbon Arabica beans from Fazenda I.P., Brazil.

The first one is the medium roasted version, 3/5 on the Lehmus scale. On the label, the coffee is described as soft and full-bodied. The aromas are said to be nutty and chocolatey.

Since there were no specific instructions on how to brew the coffee, I used the usual suspects, my good old Bialetti Moka and the AeroPress.

Either way, I loved it to bits!

In the bouquet, I got caramel or toffee, some sweet licorice, and nuttiness. The mouthfeel was very soft and round. There was some of that signature Lehmus creaminess as well. The body was somewhere between medium and medium full.

Now, the flavor profile was just amazing: On the one hand, Kettu-kahvi medium roast was not the most full-flavored coffee you’ll ever try. Instead, it was well-behaved and ”medium” enough to be enjoyed on any occasion. At the same time, however, it was quite flavorful. It was the perfect mix of three things: semi-bitter nuttiness, milk chocolate, and licorice. The way the chocolatey flavors were mixed with the licorice notes reminded me of the classic English Liquorice allsorts I used to love as a kid—only less sweet, and, obviously, without the coconut essence. There was also just enough acidity to balance out the naturally sweet flavors.

Even the empty cup smelled amazing: caramel and sweet American burley pipe tobacco.

Oh wow, I just loved it!

Hurry up! Get yourself some Kettu-kahvi keskipaahto (medium roast) from Lehmus Roastery. You will be happy you did!

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