Margariti Coffee (ΚΑΦΕΣ ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΗ)—Another Good Introduction to Greek Coffee

Here’s another Greek coffee blend I got from Gran Delicato, my favorite Greek coffee shop in Helsinki: καφές ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΗ (Margariti Coffee).

On the bag, the manufacturer only states that this blend is made ”from the best varieties of BRAZILIAN coffees”, and that it delivers ”the best taste and the rich aroma.”

The bag note was very pleasant. Basically, it smelled like traditional Greek coffee: Arabicas, and some of that ”Greek” funk—I still can’t decide if it reminds me of mold or raw licorice. But there was more to it: a light aroma of unsweetened cocoa, nuts, and dried fruits. Nice!

Obviously, I made the coffee in my briki. It delivered an ample crema.

The flavor profile matched the bag note exactly. It was a very smooth combination of

  • medium mild ”Greek” Arabica flavor, with some of that ”licorice”
  • some cocoa-like undertones
  • a hint of dried fruits

Despite the fruity flavors, the overall vibe was semi-dry. There was no bitterness whatsoever.

OK, what’s the verdict? This blend will probably not surprise you in any way, but that’s not what it was created for. Instead, it is a pleasant, medium mild Greek coffee that you can enjoy all day. Along with Loumidis Papagalos, it could serve as a good introduction for anyone who wants to get into Greek blends. If you’re so inclined, get a bag of καφές ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΗ and a briki. (In Finland, you can get both from Gran Delicato!) Then watch a couple of tutorial videos on how to make Greek coffee (how about this one?), and you’re good to go!


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