Lavazza ”Qualità Oro”—the best grocery store espresso?

This is one of the blends that I have wanted to try for a long time: Qualità Oro from the Italian coffee giant, Lavazza.

According to the company, Qualità Oro is ”[a] unique combination of 6 varieties of Arabica beans from amongst the finest of Central and South America, expertly crafted and perfectly blended. The perfect symphony for a superior taste every time, since 1956.” They also state that the roasting is ”medium”, and the intensity is 5/10. As for ”aromatic notes”, the company gives ”fruit” and ”flowers”.

If I understand correctly, the blend is only available pre-ground. As Lavazza states, it is ”neither too fine nor too coarse, and designed to guarantee a perfect espresso every time.” They also claim that it is ”ideal for the Moka pot.” Oh, yes please! (You don’t have to guess which coffee maker I chose for brewing this blend!)

I found the bouquet to be rich and very pleasant. It made me think of dried fruits, walnuts, chocolate and vanilla.

On the other hand, the mouthfeel was relatively creamy and quite smooth. The rich intensity and the medium full body made themselves manifest a few seconds after the first sip. Nice!

Flavor-wise, Qualità Oro was uniform, but not monochromatic by any means. On the one hand, the blend was pleasantly acidic, medium robust and intense. On the other hand, however, the semi-sweet notes of dried fruits, walnuts, chocolate and vanilla were all there in the flavor as well. I’m not sure I detected the ”flowers”, though, but who cares? For a powerful floral experience, you could always get some Crema e Gusto from the same company!

In my opinion, Lavazza Qualità Oro may be one of the best espresso blends available in a Finnish supermarket. In my opinion, it would be the perfect choice for those occasions when you’re traveling, for instance, and cannot find high quality artisan coffees. I will certainly be getting some more!

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