Kulta Katriina ”PLUS Boost”—Seriously?

Honestly, I didn’t expect miracles from this coffee.

Kulta Katriina is one of the most basic Finnish coffee blends you can get from any supermarket. It is manufactured by Meira, the traditional coffee and spice company based in Helsinki, Finland.

While I’ve never been a huge fan of regular Kulta Katriina, I wanted to try the newer version: PLUS Boost, which boasts 30% more caffeine. The company describes the product as follows (my direct translation):

Kulta Katriina Plus Boost is a high quality filter coffee, which naturally contains 30% more caffeine than the average filter coffee. Our high caffeine coffee comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms in Vietnam and Central America. High quality coffee varietals and the dark roast (3/5) give Kulta Katriina Plus Boost coffee a strong and full flavor.

Since I don’t use the regular auto drip machine, I decided to brew this coffee using The Ultimate French Press Technique I learned from James Hoffmann’s great video.

Based upon the experience, I’m not sure I can agree with the description.

First, despite the claim that this coffee is strong and full flavored, I found it to be rather hollow and dull. It was definitely not more than medium in body. I also found it difficult to detect any particular flavors. To me, the whole thing just tasted like inexpensive grocery store coffee. That said, there was one note in the aroma that I could put my finger on. It’s really hard to describe, though. Do you know the smell you get when you meet someone who has been drinking too much alcohol the day before? Well, that’s the only thing I could think of as I had this coffee. Gross.

After two cups of this, I got a feeling that I will never drink coffee again.

Now, that is not a good sign.

But what about the caffeine? Indeed, this blend was stronger in the C department than your regular supermarket coffee. Even so, it was nowhere near the level of, say, some straight Robustas. In my opinion, the higher caffeine content did not make up for the lack of flavor, or the disgusting aftertaste.

I can promise you this: I will never buy Kulta Katriina PLUS Boost again.

Bonus tip: If you want to get good coffee with tons of caffeine, I would suggest you purchase a pack of Segafredo Espresso Casa instead. That’s great stuff for the price, and it is guaranteed to make you light-headed.


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