Caffi ”Kukko Kahvi”—exquisite and ”ordinary” (very good!)

This is Kukko Kahvi (i.e., ”rooster coffee”), the 2021 Easter coffee from Caffi, the award-winning roastery based in Lahti, Finland.

According to the company website, this is a blend of three ”strong” bourbon coffees:

  • Miaki Yellow Bourbon (pulped natural, Brazil)
  • Santa Maria Red Bourbon (washed, El Salvador)
  • El Mirador Anaerobic Orange Bourbon (carbonic maceration, Colombia)

The roast is ”light medium”.

The Yellow Bourbon is said to bring the coffee a hefty mouthfeel and some sweet chocolateyness. The Red Bourbon, on the other hand, is described as slightly nutty. Lastly, the Orange Bourbon is said to add a mix of plums and oranges.

All in all, the blend is described as ”sweet”, ”harmonious and rather strong”. The company also states that it has ”an interesting, fruity aftertaste”. The mouthfeel they call ”rather heavy”.

Since I got the impression that this coffee would be suitable for pretty much any brewing technique, I tried it in the AeroPress (my favorite recipe) as well as in the moka pot. Either way, the results were very good.

First, the mouthfeel was pretty full indeed. It was very creamy, perhaps even oily—just the way I like it!

What about the flavor profile? In my opinion, there were two main aspects to it:

  • The high end was very ”high” and fruity, and pleasantly acidic. It made me think of the light green color of kiwifruits.
  • The midrange was nutty, nougat-like, and slightly bitter. In terms of color, it could be described as medium light brown.

Despite their differences, these two aspects worked in perfect harmony.

To sum up, this year’s Kukko Kahvi was extremely flavorful and exquisite, while at the same time it was ”ordinary” enough to be enjoyed on any occasion. I truly enjoyed every sip.

If you haven’t done so yet, check out Caffi! They really know their stuff!

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